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So many times we don’t see what the Lord is doing behind the scenes.  Such is the case with Susan and Jody.  They went to the same college and ended up at the same school, teaching.  They were thrown together to create reading curriculum and soon had formed a friendship (partners in crime).  Again, they were asked to go  to conferences together and work on repeated projects.  Little did they know that the Lord had so much more in mind. 

Secretly they both had wanted to write a book and even attempted it, but God wasn’t ready for them to hit the literary world until His timing was right.  He nudged them into Bible studies together and eventually had them spend one summer working on a Bible study for two.  Only God could put it on both of their hearts to write this book.  After a lot of prayer and putting out a few fleeces, they were convinced it was a “God thing.” 

They are currently working on the next in this series and a nine week Bible study.  Though they don’t agree on everything- they agree on this:  to God be the glory!  It is their prayer that God will be glorified in all they do and will continue to use them to further the gospel. 


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Our new book:

50 Shades of Serving

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